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Quantum Energy Session Audios

I’ve taken almost 15 years of experience with quantum energy healing and thousands of hours of 1:1 sessions, and have created these special audios to guide you through your own private session from the comfort of your home.

Each specialized session works to shift and balance your energy field, which can result in improvements in emotional and physical health.  It can also bring about shifts in your external experience and manifestations, when your vibration aligns more with your soul’s authentic expression.

Healing Waters Energy Session

In this gentle, yet powerful energy session, you’ll visit the magical healing waters in the higher dimensions.  This session will provide a cleansing and rejuvenation for your mind, body, and soul which is more accessible in these higher realms.  This session is best used regularly, to help remove any energetic debris that we collect and can hold on to as we go about our daily lives, from our environment, other people, electronics, frequencies, toxins, or lower vibrational thoughts and emotions.  This session is like a shower for your energy field, and helps restore it’s luminosity and light.  (26 minutes)

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Body Image Empowerment Energy Session

This empowering healing session helps by clearing away the energetic imprints caused by unconscious beliefs or life experiences that prevent you from honoring your body now for the blessing that it is no matter its shape, weight, or age.  If you have gained a few pounds or wrinkles, or are struggling to feel confident in your skin, this healing meditation is for you.  This is not about repeating affirmations in the mirror, instead this is a deep healing process that works on an energetic level bringing long lasting shifts in your experience.  Because negative body image usually results from a multi-faceted origin, it is recommended to use this session regularly to support ongoing body image empowerment, and results are often cumulative.  (28 minutes)

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Quantum Rejuvenation (for Starseeds)

This advanced session brings you through a powerful quantum energetic cleansing and rejuvenation process, by connecting you in the higher realms with your fifth dimensional self as this galactic healing process is performed.   This is not a beginner or intermediate process and is intended only for those Starseeds in active mission at this time. 

It helps clear the lower vibrational energies and earthly “debris” that we accumulate living in the denser environment of the earthly realm, that come from our day to day lives, interactions with others, and other assaults on our field.  It’s recommended that this session be done regularly (i.e. 1-2 x weekly), as it’s intended as a maintenance tool for your fifth dimensional self, and the results are cumulative over time.  (25 minutes)

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About Erika

Erika's passion is awakening souls to the magic of who they are, what they are here to do, and to live the life they were designed to live. Erika's awakening began when she personally experienced her own healing of an "incurable" disease, which ignited a passion for sharing with others the incredible possibilities of the human body to heal itself through physical, emotional and spiritual practices. Embodying a balanced blend of clinical and scientific, along with an intimate understanding of universal laws, energy and consciousness practices, Erika's unique gift allows her to introduce these principles and techniques to a vast range of people. Having spent the last several years traveling the globe, speaking to audiences of thousands of people about health, science, and research, Erika's work is shifting back into what the collective consciousness is yearning for ..... true healing, meaning, and living an abundant life free from fear and limitations. Using a blend of naturopathy, energy healing, spiritual counseling, channeling and intuitive guidance, Erika's expertise spans multiple disciplines, which share the same common thread ~ applying universal consciousness and principles to all aspects of life. To your health, within your family and your children, in your intimate love relationship, and to your soul.


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